Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cruelty product : "Bonsai Cat"

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To all humans who treasure and respect life :

There is Japanese in New York who is selling a new product that called the “Bonsai Cat.” This Japanese tried to squeeze a kitten into a jar or bottle made of glass. Then two straws are inserted in the glass, one is to give food to the kitten and the other is to clear its excertion.

In order to make the kitten to grow in the shape of the jar or bottle, he even feeds the kitten with a kind of drug that will soften the kitten’s bone. The kitten cannot move in the bottle, it cannot clean itself, cannot do anything at all.

This kind of torturing product is spreading through New York, Indonesia and New Zealand.
If you would like to get more information, you could visit http://www.bonsaikitten.com/ (the picture is very cruel and terrible).

In order to make money this Japanese is so cruel and crazy. This is not human being’s behaviour.

If possible, please translate this message to your home language and let as many people to know about this cruelty which is happening around you.

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Anonymous said...

The most annoying thing about the Bonsai cat is that so many stupid people either believe it, or, they don't believe it and try to convince stupid people it's twue, it's twue!

It's the most annoying internet meme, ever.

Anonymous said...

in hell with all the cats, this are not animals, are bastard creatures; congratulations to chinese, they make a good job

Anonymous said...

I found the Bonsai Kitten site back in 2003 (I was 11)... reported it straight to the RSPCA, who then got in contact with the FBI. They investigated the matter and sent me an email to inform me that it was a hoax and that the site would be shut down.

Even if kittens aren't being harmed by the site's owner, the pure fact that you buy them via credit card direct from the site is it's own problem.

Anonymous said...

Your all illiterate

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