Monday, July 30, 2007

Catcam goes on sale

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Did you ever wonder about where your beloved pet has been during his/her day???

Juergen Perthold, 34, has satisfied his curiosity by developing a special portable 'catcam', which takes photographs every 90 seconds as the feline goes on his travels.

Mr Perthold used his engineering knowledge to build the digital catcam which fits around Mr Lee's (his pet) neck. The tiny camera is encased in a protective box so it is not damaged as Mr Lee goes about his daily business.

And for anyone keen to find out what their own cat gets up to on its prowls, Mr Perthold is selling catcams on his website for approximately £23. Link


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Poetryfree said...

yes, the meant one of the life... I do not understand.... "m i rite??"

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