Friday, July 13, 2007

Angel in the clouds...

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Here's a stunning picture of clouds taken by Pastor Glenn Fulton and his wife Linda.

A Columbia couple believe they saw a heavenly sight while vacationing in Florida, and they say they have a picture to prove it. Pastor Glenn Fulton and his wife, Linda, are still amazed by the picture they took during a July 4th vacation.

The couple was celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary at Amelia Island, Florida, when they began snapping pictures of an early-morning sunrise.

"While we were in the elevator I began to look at my pictures and I told my wife--I said, 'Look at these pictures and tell me what you see.' She said, 'Oh my God! I see a face,'" Glenn explained.

As they continued to look at the picture, the religious couple realized this wasn't just any face--it was the face of an angel; and, the longer they looked at the picture, the more angels they saw. Link

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