Saturday, July 14, 2007

Amazing Human Body Adventure in Guangzhou!!!

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An “Amazing Body Adventure” exhibition was held successfully in the Guangzhou Jinhan Exhibition Center on July 14, 2007. This exhibition will last two weeks from July 14th to 28th, 2007.

This exhibition presents the human body with interactive experiences, where people enter into a replicated giant human body and were also able to observe, touch, feel and explore to learn about the internal organs of our bodies.

Visitors are surrounded by sound, light, and visuals under a replica giant human body. The atmosphere of the exhibition will be one of fun and filled with interactive learning with lots of quizzes.

This exhibition provided a useful resource to teaching internal organs of human to all visitors. It is a good platform for children and their parents to know much more about the functions of our internal organs – as well as to promote a healthy lifestyle. Link 1, Link 2

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