Thursday, June 28, 2007

The world’s largest corn maze, “Journey of Bravery” appeared in China

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The world’s largest corn maze, the 340 mu “Journey of Bravery”, was built recently in Dalian city, China. The maze located at Dengshahe (beside Danda high-way), Jinzhou district covering an area over 450 mu, including the 340 mu (1 mǔ ~0.1647 acres) maze.

The company who built the maze has invested RMB 500 K in building this unique maze.

Center of the maze is made up of a piglet named Britten (布瑞), with a body length over 1200 meters long spreading over 40 mu of land. Thus, visitors can expect to walk a one hour journey just to finish the shortest route in the maze.

It is predicted to open to public in the month of July and will become a brand new spot for summer vacation. Link

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wheatgerm said...

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