Friday, June 15, 2007

World's biggest limousine in US

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It's the world's biggest limousine and it needs a truck to haul it around. The Rider holds 40 guests and seven crew in its three lounges and bar. It also has an 1,800-watt stereo.

Based in California, it is expected to be a big hit with touring bands in the US.

Source : metro

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Brian said...

Compared with the new T 282 B from Liebherr, this was a baby. This new limousine can carry about 40 people. New Scientist interviewed its designer, Francis Bartley, who says that such a limo costs US$3 million and that the worldwide market for these limos doesn't exceed 75 units per year.

Toronto Limo said...

Looks like a house to me. Anybody would want to live in that kind of Limo. The elegance of a Limousine service makes the day special and unique. It sure is fun and exciting to ride one on a special event.

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