Friday, June 29, 2007

The ultimate green racing car : Eco One

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Another great effort for our only home! Green car, an environment friendly car make up from really unusual materials......

It may have a shell made of hemp, wheels made of potatoes and be powered by fuel made from fermented wheat, but it can still do 0-60mph in under four seconds and has a top speed of 150mph.

This is Eco One, the ultimate green racing car (cost £20,000 to make
). The car is 95pc recyclable and biodegradable and the ultimate in environmentally friendly engineering. The hemp shell can be thrown on the compost heap and only the chasis is made from steel and aluminium, which can both be recycled.

It has been put together by boffins at a Warwick research centre but yesterday it was on show at the John Innes Centre, in Colney, and school children were being given a chance to get to grips with the way it works.

The car was being used as part of a project to help school children across the county learn about bioenergy as part of a three-day science event.

Eco One was brought to the John Innes Centre by one of the scientists who had seen the vehicle at the Eden Project in Cornwall and thought it had fantastic learning potential for the young minds seeking out renewable resources.

Source : Evening News 24

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