Friday, June 29, 2007

The Ultimate Beach Bars

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There's more to a great surfside bar than high-octane punch and Coppertone-covered clientèle.

"Ambience is first when it comes to throwing a top-notch beach party," said Michael Penrod, president of Nikki Beach clubs and resorts, with locations in Miami, Sardinia and Marbella, Spain, among others. "Great products and great service are also important. When you have those three, you can't be beat."

At Nikki Beach Bar in Miami, guests sip Moleca Caipirinhas (Moleca Gold Cachaça, lime and sugar) on natural wood and linen banquettes that pepper the shoreline. In the evening, a dance floor is laid out and international DJs serve up house beats.

Throw pretty people into the mix and it's a party nonpareil. To ensure exclusivity, many venues rely on the velvet rope. The door policy at Nikki Beach, for example, is strict; bouncers adhere to a guest list and weed out hangers-on. Not on the list? It's best to arrive with no more than two other people, wearing proper attire (trendy but not trashy).

Though the emphasis is undoubtedly on partying with the posh, not all beach bars are just about boozing.

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