Friday, June 15, 2007

Tube train set off the wrong way down tunnel in London

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A London tube driver took a train in the wrong direction through a tunnel and nearly ran head-on into another one on the same line, it was revealed on Thursday. It happened late on Sunday afternoon at Camden Town station in north London.

A northbound Northern Line train was incorrectly signalled into the High Barnet platform at Camden Town when it was scheduled to go to Edgware. The following High Barnet train was signalled into the Edgware platform, and passengers and crews swapped trains.

When the train in the High Barnet platform was ready to depart, it set off in a southerly direction for a short distance; the driver saw the lights of the next northbound train, which was standing at a signal, and stopped the train.

The driver has been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation.

Source : Reuters

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