Saturday, June 2, 2007

Princess Mary 's "Golden Rose"

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A mystery golden rose is among symbols chosen by Denmark's Crown Princess Mary for her personal coat of arms.

The Australian-born royal personally selected the floral emblem for her freshly unveiled personal insignia, but has declined to tell even the designer her reason.

Other symbols on the design include two seven-point stars for her Australian roots, and two red eagles and a ship in homage to her Scottish ancestry.

The Tasmania-raised princess opted not to have a motto or proverb.

Her father, Professor John Donaldson, was also allowed a coat of arms under the Danish orders system.

The maths academic chose the infinity sign as his personal symbol, the motto "Ad infinitum" ("To infinity") and several elements reflecting his Scottish roots...

The coats of arms of Mary and her father were hung recently in Denmark's Chapel of the Royal Orders.

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