Sunday, June 3, 2007

Online tunes are more risky than Web porn

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About 9% of adult sites produce spyware, adware or spam, compared with 19% of digital music sites found in a study by McAfee.

Whatever threat online pornography might pose to society's morals, online music might pose a bigger threat to society's computers.

A study scheduled to be released today found that about 9% of adult sites that turned up high in search-engine rankings had such PC-damaging problems or annoyances as spyware, adware and spam associated with them.

Yet searching for digital music was twice as risky — more than 19% of the sites produced by such queries were risky for computer users, according to the study by McAfee Inc., a Santa Clara, Calif.-based company that makes computer-security software.

The digital music searches studied include those for such file-sharing programs as BearShare, which often include intrusive advertising programs. BearShare took the honors as the single riskiest search term, returning unsafe sites at a 46% rate.

The study is the third of its kind from McAfee, which owns a popular free service called SiteAdvisor.

It rates millions of websites as red for risky, yellow for somewhat risky and green for safe, warning Web surfers before they click through...

Source : latimes |Picture : jamaica-gleaner

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