Thursday, June 21, 2007

No more "We" in World Aquarium

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It’s terrible news, especially for those who wanna have a look on "We" ......

A two-headed snake named "We," the main attraction at the World Aquarium, has died. The 8-year-old rat snake died of natural causes during the weekend, said caretaker Leonard Sonnenschein.

More than a million people have seen We over the years, Sonnenschein said. He bought in We from a snake breeder in Indiana for $15,000 when the reptile was just a few weeks old. The snake had both male and female genitalia, he added.

The World Aquarium tried unsuccessfully to breed We with another two-headed snake last year, and had planned to try again this summer, aquarium spokesman David Isserman said.

Source : HelenaIR

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