Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Most women prefer chocolate to sex

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More than half of British women prefer chocolate to sex, saying it can be depended on to give pleasure, according to a survey published on Tuesday.

Fifty-two percent of women would rather curl up with a bar of chocolate, according to the survey of 1 500 Britons by confectionery giant Cadbury, quoting one women as saying "chocolate provides guaranteed pleasure".

Cadbury - hit by a salmonella scare last year - highlighted a study by the psychologists at the University of Wales into links between chocolate and endorphins, the mood-enhancing chemicals which produce feelings of pleasure.

"It's not just the endorphins that makes chocolate so enjoyable," said Paul Hebblethwaite, the company's global science director.

"As it melts in the mouth at body temperature, chocolate's creamy texture and unique aroma hit all of the body's senses, heightening the sensuality of the experience," he added.

Tastes vary between different parts of the country: Londoners are the keenest on sex, with 79% preferring it to chocolate, while overall 40% of people in eastern England would prefer sex to a bar of chocolate.

Source : News24 | Pictire : Consumerist

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