Tuesday, June 12, 2007

"Mittens" wanted

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The fugitive, a dingy brown, has eight pointy legs and two white claws with a furry coating that makes them look like mittens.

Fisheries officials want to know: Have you seen this crab?

If so, they want info. They want photos. They really want the whole crab, preferably frozen.

The four-inch Asian crustacean - aptly named the Chinese mitten crab - might turn out to be Aquatic Enemy No. 1.

Or not. No one really knows, which is why they want more details.

Its ominous image is splashed atop the equivalent of aquatic most-wanted posters, under the heading Please Report Sightings of this Crab. There's a mitten crab hotline: 443-482-2222. And a Web site: www.serc.si.edu/labs/marine_invasions/


Source : philly

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