Saturday, June 30, 2007

Jay Cochrane wirewalks across Niagara Falls

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This is your chance to meet Jay Cochrane and learn about his life walking in the sky. Returning to Niagara Falls for the third summer in six years, Jay Cochrane's twice daily skywalks are designed to bring his performances "up close and personal."

The 2007 summer skywalks begin June 30th at 4pm with the second show at 8pm. Over the 10 week schedule, ending September 3, Jay will walk over 15 miles and spend almost 3 full days atop the wire. Jay's skywalks are between his specially designed 200 foot (20 stories) towers spaced 1,000 feet apart near the Skylon Tower will take between 20 to 30 minutes to complete. With the majestic falls as the backdrop, his performances are set to music and Jay interacts with the crowds via microphone from atop the high wire.

Following each show, the Skylon Tower hosts Cochrane in its Jay Cochrane Dare Devil Gallery, where he will sign autographs and talk to fans about his "storied" career.

Source : CliftonHill

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