Saturday, June 2, 2007

Is your Toothpaste Poisonous?

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...avoid any toothpaste that is made in china because it may contain a poisonous chemical.

The F.D.A. says the chemical diethylene glycol or D.E.G. was found in similar products sold in Latin America. It is a common ingredient in solvents and antifreeze.

Although there have been no reports of poisonings in this country, the F.D.A. issued the precautionary alert after inspectors discovered contaminated products in one discount retailer in Miami and another in Puerto Rico.

Health professionals say chronic exposure to D.E.G. can impact the health of children and those with liver or kidney disease.

What to look for: The toothpaste brands including cooldent, clean rite and oralmax -- are usually found in so-called dollar stores.

The F.D.A. says D.E.G. was found in products made by the following manufacturers: Goldcredit International Enterprises LTD., Goldcredit International Trading Co., LTD. And Suzhou City Jinmao Daily Chemicals Co., LTD.

Toothpaste contaminated with D.E.G. was seized in Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Panama and Nicaragua.

Source : kare11|Picture : CTV

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