Saturday, June 2, 2007


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Flying car....make the world a smaller place..

The first attempts at creating flying cars were fairly simple—install an airplane engine and two wings on a regular car. The first attempts were also disastrous. Henry Ford’s “sky flivver” flew in 1928, but production was nixed after an unlucky pilot died in a crash. In 1956, Moulton Taylor, an engineer who earlier had helped develop the cruise missile, unveiled the Aerocar. In default mode this “plane-mobile” could cruise on the highway at 65 mph, towing a tidy trailer that contained wings, tail and propeller. Once the wings were attached, the little yellow Aerocar could leap from the highway at 55 mph and cruise up to 100 mph at around 12,000 ft. with a range of up to 300 mi. After landing, you could park the car-plane in the garage (just remember to take off the wings first)...
Source : PopularMechanics

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