Sunday, June 24, 2007

Beijing Olympic Games : The 2007 Kumtag Desert 1,000 person General Gathering Camp

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The outdoor sport enthusiasts lined up to form the 5 rings Olympic logo in the Kumtag desert, Xinjiang.

"The 2007 Kumtag Desert, Xinjiang 1,000 person General Gathering
Camp,” was organized with collaboration between the local Shanshan County government and the Xinjiang Mountaineering Association to welcome the Olympic Games on June 23, 2007. More than 1000 outdoor sport enthusiasts throughout Xinjiang participated in activities such as desert hiking and mountaineering, the Q & A section on Olympic Games, formation of the 5 rings Olympic logo and other activities to celebrate the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Link

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Refr. said...

Kumtag Desert is the eighth largest desert in China, where hosts an amazing sand sculptures city.

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