Friday, June 29, 2007

Apple's iPhone mad

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As the masses continue to queue and camp outside retail stores coast-to-coast for perhaps the most hyped, or even over-hyped, phone launch in history, Apple's iPod-based smartphone finally goes on sale in US stores at 6pm local time today.

The crowds have been camping for a week to get it, and the media can't shut up about it. Finally, six months after Apple chief executive unveiled the device to the public, the iPhone goes on sale for the first time this evening across the US.

The product, which melds a phone, web browser and digital media player, deepens Apple's transformation from a maker of stylish-but-niche computers into a broader consumer electronics powerhouse with interests in audio and video hardware, content, software as well as desktop and mobile computers.

Customers are pitching camp outside Apple and AT&T stores across America, major newspapers and news websites have plastered their front pages with iPhone stories for days, and no tidbit has been too small to report for the galaxy of enthusiastic tech blogs. People are even working a good trade in selling their services as queue position holders, charging upwards of $200 a time to stand in line for you while you get on with your life.

Source : ITPro

3G iPhone for Europe to be announced Monday?

From engadget

Apple is set to announce a four-way deal: Vodafone and T-Mobile on the carrier front with Carphone Warehouse out in front as the MVNO. Hmmm, well, this kind of deal would certainly provide Apple's upstart mobile phone with far broader coverage than a Vodafone exclusive could muster while providing a solid brick-and-mortar base on a continent (mostly) void of Apple stores. Best of all for Europeans, the announcement expected on Monday will be 3G. That's right, while you're queuing up for EDGE data, Europeans might be unwrapping an HSDPA iPhone in a 4-way press release. Here's the rub, bub: do you really think Apple will provide Europe a 3G iPhone before the end of the year and not release it in the US at the same time? Now the tough choice: stand in line for your 2.5G iPhone or wait and see what happens on Monday with this rumor (and we repeat, it's just rumor at this point).
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